Copier Spareparts

CopierSpares provides the most cost-effective genuine spare parts for nearly all copiers. All leading companies are a client of Copier Spares.

  • Developer Units: 

Dual component and monocomponent, Magnetic rods/Tonner hoppers.

  • Fixing Units: 

Units complete Fuser fixing/Heater units/Pressure rollers/Heat rollers/Heater lamps/Thermisters/Thermo fuse/Fuser belts/Teflon belts/Heat roller bushes/Bearings/Teflon fuser films and Lamp terminals.

  • Fusing units
  • Motors :

Main motors/Paper feed motors/Paper lift motors/Tonner feed motors/Registration/Exit motors/Paper transport motors.

  • Clutches: 

Paper feed clutches/Registration clutches/Spring clutches/Feed roller/Coil clutches.

  • Heater Units Exposure Lamp:

Photosensors/Switches/On-off switches/Micro switches.

  • Thermisters
  • Charge Rollers
  • All Machine Covers: 

Front covers/Top platens/Side covers/Top flaps.

  • Solenoids
  • Transfer Corona Assemblies: 

Main chargers/Charge rollers/Transfer rollers.